Core Assurance Partners /// 5 Year Anniversary
Core Assurance Partners was launched in 2017 to provide exceptional insurance services to a global clientele. 
In 2022, CAP celebrated their 5th year in operation and hosted events to commemorate the occasion. A new logo and icon were requested to signify the year-long anniversary celebration, and a redesign of their website was commissioned.
Project Scope:
5 year anniversary logos
Redesigned website
Social media assets
Promotional material assets
The target for this logo was to keep the original logo and icon design but add in the 5th anniversary element so it could become a replacement for all logo usage over the next year. The incorporated “5” was designed to act as the framing for the Core pillar icon, allowing for a new visually significant icon to represent the anniversary. For the updated logo, a silver banner was added below, producing a recognizable, but refreshed version.
The CAP website was in need of a refresh so that it could become a more viable tool for the company, and a better representation of their brand identity. As part of the 5 year anniversary, KP A&D took the existing website and redesigned each aspect. The goal was to increase user experience, better relay relevant information, create something unique and customized, and associate the branding identity to further degree. 
Every great design deserves to come to life. 
Additional  Usage
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